Robert C. Bruce
Owner Bay To Bay Garage Doors
I had the opportunity to use squash and stretch productions to animate one of my advertisements. Karl came very highly recommended from a few people I know. Now I'm always a little cautious using a new service, but was actually very impressed with the whole process. From start to finish I had complete control of the project. Karl walked me through the whole entire process allowing me to tailor make the animated ad to fit exactly what our company mission is. He is blessed with the ability to capture and envision what your company is, where it is going, and where it is that you want it to go and compile that into an expression that people can relate to and easily grasp. Thank you Karl.
Brandon Wasserburger
Producer, Editor at Fire Tribe, Inc.
Our company landed a large eLearning animation project from one of our clients involving a lot of character animation with multiple videos. The project had many complexities as well as a tight schedule during the holidays. We brought on Karl and his company Squash and Stretch Productions. They not only stuck with us through some of the project's twists and turns, but also did a stellar job turning over quality work quickly. Our client and our shop was thrilled with Squash and Stretch under Karl's leadership and animating talents. Anyone in need of animation - character or otherwise need look no further than here.
Ed Gonzalez
Manager, Design at Guidespark
I hired, managed, and trained Karl during this year's busy season at Guidespark. Our ramp up time was cut short as the work was piling up on us, and so Karl stepped in immediately and made an impact. He's a hard working, diligent designer who knows his way in After Effects. He's dedicated to his craft, and shows stewardship and care for his projects. Another great attribute to Karl is his sense to communicate and to seek improvement to just not better himself, but to also better the product and the production process. He is a team player, and works well in a design team!
Ariel Sultan
Founder, Food Guru
Karl worked quickly to complete the projects I contracted him for. He was able to skillfully put them together with short notice, and took direction to implement changes while still meeting deadlines. I would definitely work with him again!
Chuk Campos
Founder, The Oasis Livermore
Karl has done a great job capturing the essence of the Oasis venture in 7 animations that will be included on our website very soon. Karl is very professional, creative, and focused. He met or exceeded all project milestones with high quality results. A pleasure to work with, Karl will be invited back to help with the telling of our story again and again as our story evolves.
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